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ESL Approval/Endorsement

The ESL Approval is for certified teachers (teachers with a valid Illinois teaching certificate) who would like to teach ESL at the grade level for which their certificate is valid.

Who awards the approval?

Approval to teach ESL in the context of a state-approved bilingual education program may be obtained by making application through the office of a regional superintendent of schools using Form 73-49, Request for Approval as a Bilingual or ESL Teacher which is available on the ISBE website.

What are the requirements?

  1. ENG 128 Linguistics and Society
  2. ENG 262 Theories of Teaching ESL and Bilingual Education
  3. ENG 261 Methods of Teaching ESL
  4. ENG 268 Assessment of the English Language Learner
  5. CMM 127 Intercultural Communication
  6. Choose ONE Elective:
    • ENG 127 Introduction to General Linguistics
    • ENG 265 Grammar for English Language Teachers
    • ENG 267 Phonetics and Phonology for English Language Teachers

Eligible candidates can register for individual courses provided they have met the requirements of each of the courses.

What jobs are available on completion of the Approval/Certificate?

The ESL approval will allow certified teachers to teach ESL in the state of Illinois at the grade level for which their certificate is valid.

What is the cost and when are the courses offered?

Tuition and fees equivalent to 18 credit hours. Courses are offered during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

What is the difference between the ESL Approval and the ESL endorsement?

  • Both the ESL Approval and the ESL Endorsement allow certified teachers to teach ESL at the grade their certificate is valid.
  • The Approval is issued on a separate piece of paper while the endorsement appears on the teaching certificate.
  • The requirements are the same for the ESL Approval and ESL endorsement except at the Middle School Level. Applicants must complete an additional six semester hours of middle school pedagogical coursework. Applicants who currently have Middle School endorsements in other areas, most likely have these hours.
  • There are separate application forms and fee requirements for the Approval and for the Endorsement.

See also TESOL Certificate.