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Getting Started

Fire Science Technology: Admission Requirements

Interested in applying to CLC’s Fire Science Technology program? Follow these steps:

  1. Complete CLC’s application and placement process. For more information about the program, contact the Social Sciences Division or the department chair.
  2. Contact the program chair, Randy Justus, to complete the Firefighter Basic Operations application.

    Randy Justus
    (847) 543-2928
  1. Apply to a fire department that partners with CLC (Contact Randy Justus for a list of participating fire departments). Complete and return the application to the fire department. You will be required to have a current and valid Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) card.
  2. Successfully complete the sponsoring fire department’s written examination. Candidates passing the written test will then be subject to other conditions as outlined below:
    • A criminal background check and fingerprinting.
    • A physical exam meeting National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 1582, Chapter 6 (Standard on Comprehensive Occupational Medical Program for Fire Departments/Medical Evaluation of Candidates). The physical also includes qualitative and quantitative respirator use evaluation.
    • Verification that the applicant can provide NFPA-compliant personal protective equipment, as specified by the sponsoring fire department at which the internship will be performed. The list typically includes:
      • Turnout coat
      • Turnout pants
      • Suspenders
      • Footwear
      • Hood
      • Helmet
      • Gloves
      • Self-contained breathing apparatus face piece that mates to the one provided by CLC

    The College of Lake County may provide assistance to the successful candidates in obtaining a portion of the required equipment.

  3. After meeting the above requirements, participate in a competitive admission process that may include an interview and academic history review by CLC. Successful candidates will then be granted admission to the FST program on a seats-available basis.

Upon acceptance to the program, the candidate will become an intern member of the participating fire department. As a result, candidates are required to provide scheduled staffing for the department in addition to agreeing to complete CLC’s Fire Basic Operations Program. Admitted candidates are required to complete specific pre- and co-requisites to advance to the next module of firefighter training and remain in the program. Students who fail to adhere to this requirement lose their eligibility to continue in the program.