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About the HVAC Engineering Technology Program

About the Program Video Description

Check out CLC’s updated HET/HVAC labs and watch how students train for this good-paying, hands-on career. Meet Allen Smith, Jr., department chair and find out why he calls this program “life changing.”

Allen Smith, Jr., department chair

Our HET program is designed to teach the students anything dealing with heating, cooling, ventilation or air conditioning. We have high school students coming in and we have people coming into our program to change careers. They will start off with very basic circuits, working with series and parallel-type circuits and then work up into a complete heating/cooling system. The skills they can build up and lead into can be anywhere from very basic, from working on houses to working in industrial buildings. We have very high-tech equipment, from high efficiency heating and cooling units to wireless digital-type controls, so they are getting hands-on experience as they would find in the field.

What they love about our program is the hands-on portions of it. Not many schools in the country have what we have here. One of the greatest things about the HVAC program is that it is a growing field. People can come in the field and expect to leave with the skills to be able to make an income, and they can take care of their family. Our tuition is extremely low and most of our instructors have over 20 years of experience.

The way our program is built is that we have stackable certificates and each one of those certificates will step right into an A.A.S. degree. If I could say one word about this career it would be “life-changing.”