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Career Program Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degrees

  • Addiction Counseling and Treatment A.A.S. (Plan 25HD)
  • Adult Services A.A.S. (Plan 25HC)
  • Children and Adolescents A.A.S. (Plan 25HB)
  • Correctional Counseling A.A.S. (Plan 25HK)
  • Trauma Interventions and Prevention A.A.S. (Plan 25HL)


  • Accelerated Addictions Counseling and Treatment Certificate (Plan 25HN)*
  • Addiction Counseling and Treatment Certificate (Plan 25HG)
  • Correctional Counseling Certificate (Plan 25HJ)
  • General Human Services Certificate (Plan 25HF)
  • Trauma Interventions and Prevention Certificate (Plan 25HM)

*A screening form is required if you intend to obtain the Accelerated Addictions Counseling and Treatment Certificate (Plan 25HN). See Getting Started for more details.

Gainful Employment Information

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