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HWP Residency Program

The HWP Residency Program allows students who graduate from one of our programs and meet other specific criteria the opportunity to apply for a semester-long residency through the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion. If selected, you will have a full-semester with the college’s support to build your professional practice in Wellness Coaching, Massage Therapy, Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, or Exercise Testing and Prescription.

The college will promote your services, collect a fee, and return 75% of the money to you. As you near the semester’s end (your Residency may be extended up to one full academic year, pending dialogue and mutual agreement between you and CLC), we will help you develop an exit plan, whereby you may choose to invite your new-found clients to continue with you through a location of your choice. We expect some of you will use this opportunity to start your own business, and others will encourage prospective employers to give you serious consideration for potential employment (imagine applying for a job and referencing the fact that you will be bringing paying clients with you!). Regardless, this is the college’s way to help you create your ideal professional opportunity, which can be very challenging in the current economy.

For more information please refer to the HWP Residency Program Application (PDF).