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In Illinois and most other states, obtaining licensure is a critical first step toward becoming a massage therapist professional.

Graduates of this program will have received 712 hours of instruction and clinical experience, 112 more than the 600 hours that are required by the State of Illinois. Graduates will then need to pass a federal Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx), which costs $195.00, before they become eligible to apply to the Illinois Massage Board to become licensed therapists in this state.  The examination fee is not included in the tuition and fees.

There is also an additional $175.00 fee (also not included with tuition and fees) to become licensed in Illinois. After becoming licensed, licensed massage therapists will have to take continuing education courses to maintain their licensure status over the years.

The Illinois Massage Board mandates criminal background investigations of candidates for licensure. Positive findings related to certain felony convictions may prevent a student from obtaining their massage therapy license. Contact the Illinois Massage Board at for more information.