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Mechanical engineering in progress

Mechanical Engineering Technology


About the Program

Mechanical engineering technicians are the semi-professional members of the engineer-scientist-technician team engaged in the design of machines, mechanisms, and other mechanical systems. Assignments may include drafting, designing, product and materials testing, and supervision. In addition to a broad based background in mechanical design, this program offers training on an industrial CAD system. Careers in Engineering Brochure (PDF)

CLC’s program offers an Associate in Applied Science degree and several certificate options to prepare students for careers working with engineers and scientists as part of a design team.


Careers in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical engineering technicians work closely with engineers in a variety of industries, including engineering firms, research and development, automotive parts manufacturing and testing laboratories. An Associate degree is a requirement for entry-level positions. In the Chicago area, average annual salaries in 2012 ranged from $28,000 to $76,300, with the median at $54,500.


Degrees & Certificates

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology A.A.S.
  • MET Design I: Toolbox Certificate
  • MET Design II: Nuts and Bolts Certificate
  • MET Design III: Mechatronics Certificate
  • MET Design IV: Design and Innovation Certificate
  • Mechanical Service Technician I Certificate
  • Mechanical Service Technician II Certificate

Learn more about the program options.