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Career Program Degree and Certificates

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology A.A.S. (Plan 24MB)

Mechanical Engineering Technology Design I – IV Certificates

These four certificates represent the four "rungs" of a career ladder in the Mechanical Engineering Technology design field. Each certificate represents specialty coursework that students must acquire as they move towards the MET degree.

  • MET Design I: Toolbox Certificate (Plan 24MK)
  • MET Design II: Nuts and Bolts Certificate (Plan 24ML)
  • MET Design III: Mechatronics Certificate (Plan 24MM)
  • MET Design IV: Design and Innovation Certificate (Plan 24MN)

Mechanical Service Technician I AND II Certificates

These two certificates will prepare students for the installation, maintenance and repair of the mechanical and basic electrical aspects of industrial machinery in the mechanical service technician field.

  • Mechanical Service Technician I Certificate (Plan 24MO)
  • Mechanical Service Technician II Certificate (Plan 24MP)

Gainful Employment Information

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