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Complete CLC’s application and placement process. For more information about the program, contact the department chair.

What are the Math prerequisite requirements and how can I meet them?

The important thing to remember about placement and prerequisites is that the prerequisite for each course has been developed with the sole purpose of ensuring that students have the skills they need to be successful in the course they select. A student's placement into a math course may be determined using one or more methods and is related to how a student demonstrates that they meet a course's prerequisite requirements.

CLC has two types of requirements that affect enrollment in math courses:

  1. Basic Algebra Readiness: Incoming students will need to demonstrate Basic Algebra Readiness before enrolling in certain courses at CLC. These courses may be in math or other science or technology-related fields. In the past, Basic Algebra Readiness was called Math Proficiency. Both terms mean that a student possesses a certain level of competency in arithmetic, which includes problem solving involving integers, fractions, ratios, decimals, and percents. See all of the different ways that a student may demonstrate Basic Algebra Readiness.
  2. Prerequisites: Students must also demonstrate that they meet the mathematics prerequisite for the specific course they wish to take.

The best way to identify the prerequisite for a specific math course is to consult the college's current class schedule or the college catalog. Each course description includes the prerequisite requirements that apply.

Different ways that all or part of a prerequisite can be met.

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