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CLC Math Placement Test

For many math courses, the prerequisite may be met all or in part by achieving an acceptable score on CLC's Math Placement Test.

The College of Lake County Math Department uses the College Board Educational Testing Service's ACCUPLACER CPT adaptive placement exam as its placement instrument. Students may take the test in the college's Testing Center or at other sites in the county. Students who are basic algebra ready may take the Math Placement Test twice in a 12 month period. Students must wait for a period of two days (48 hours) before retesting. Students who are not basic algebra ready may take the test once to demonstrate Basic Algebra Readiness. The test is used to place students in courses from MTH 101 (Elementary Concepts of Mathematics) through MTH 145 (Calculus and Analytic Geometry I).

The placement exam is delivered via a computer and is multiple-choice in format. The test is not timed, and you will be provided with scratch paper. Handheld calculators are not allowed, but the testing software provides a pop-up calculator for use on some questions. The exam measures current mathematics knowledge and a student must know his or her math skills well and be proficient with them. The exam is unforgiving of errors made in haste or due to lack of concentration. A student taking the exam should carefully work out each problem on the scratch paper provided and check answers with the calculator (if possible) before making a choice on the computer. Once a choice of answer has been made there is no way to change that answer.

The exam begins with a twelve-question Basic Algebra section. A student may then move to a seventeen question Arithmetic Test or a twenty-question Algebra/Trigonometry section. The computer generates a score internally and upon completion of the exam the student is handed a paper that details the course(s) into which the student may enroll. Students are further encouraged to seek advice from a math advisor to help them make the appropriate course selection. Some math classes require that a student be geometry proficient before enrolling. An advisor can also help the student check on his or her Geometry Proficiency status.

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