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[image of dog in snow] Don't take it cold! Prepare for the math placement test by practicing!

Math Placement Test Study Guides

Important: CLC's Math Placement will change on September 1, 2018

CLC will switch to ALEKS PPL for Math Placement testing beginning September 1, 2018. If you plan to take the Math Placement test on or after September 1, please note that ALEKS study materials will be made available at that time.

If you have prepared for your CLC Math Placement Test using Accuplacer study materials, be sure to complete your Math Placement test/retest prior to September 1, 2018.

This change affects ONLY the Math Placement test. CLC will continue to use Accuplacer for English and ELI placement. For CLC Math placement purposes, either your highest Accuplacer-Math or ALEKS score may be used.

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