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Meeting Math Prerequisites

The following are ways that all or part of a prerequisite may be met:

  1. ACT Scores (PDF)
  2. SAT Scores:
  3. CLC Math Placement Test
  4. High School Transcripts
  5. Previous College Transcripts
    For many math courses, the prerequisite may be met all or in part by submitting a transcript from an accredited college with successful grades in certain courses. Submit a prerequisite check form with your transcripts (official or unofficial) together to the Registrar and Records office. The form and your transcript MUST be submitted together or the request will not be processed.
  6. National Exams
    It is possible to earn college credits in mathematics through taking certain nationally accepted exams such as CLEP, DANTES and Advanced Placement exams. Credits earned through this method can be used to meet all or part of a prerequisite for a CLC mathematics course. View the credit by exam document (PDF) for information regarding these exams and earning credits at CLC.

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