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Hybrid Math Courses

Some math courses are offered in a hybrid format and are denoted with section numbers in the 600s. Please see a complete list of hybrid courses for the current term. This format involves both face-to-face instructional time and online instructional time.

Students should carefully consider if a hybrid math course is right for them before they register. In mathematics, half of the face-to-face instructional time is replaced with online instructional time. Students who enroll in a hybrid math course must:

  • discipline themselves to study independently on material that is not covered in the face-to-face instructional time.
  • have at least 10 hours on a weekly basis to attend class, read the text, do assignments, participate in online discussions, and study the course material.
  • be familiar with computers, the internet, and the CLC e-mail system.
  • have regular access to a computer that is connected to the internet.
  • attend class two hours per week.