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Math Modules

MTH 101 Elementary Concepts of Mathematics

MTH 101 is available in a series of one-credit hour modules. The series of topics covered in the modules is equal in content to the course offered in the classroom format when all modules in the course have been successfully completed. Persons enrolled in the modules attend an orientation session and establish individual schedules with the instructional staff in the Math Center at the Grayslake campus or at the Testing Centers at the Lakeshore or Southlake Campuses. Attendance is required.

Students begin the modules by enrolling in the first module course. Students can enroll in subsequent modules one at a time after completion of the first module with instructor consent. A student can not attempt more than one module at a time. Students are expected to finish at least one module in one semester, but may be able to finish two, three, or all four modules in one semester.

Students should carefully consider if the MTH 101 modules are right for them before they register for the first module. Students who enroll in the modules must:

  • discipline themselves to study independently.
  • be able to keep two one-hour appointments in the Math Center per week.
  • spend extra time outside of appointments doing assignments, studying the material, and taking exams.
  • be able to work without face-to-face contact with an instructor.