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Math Courses Online

Some math courses are offered online and are denoted with section numbers in the 800s. View a complete list of online courses for the current term. Many of the online mathematics courses require proctored exams, so there may be an on campus requirement.

Students should carefully consider if an online math course is right for them before they register. All face-to-face instructional time is replaced with online instructional time. Students who enroll in an online math course must:

  • discipline themselves to study independently.
  • have at least 10 hours on a weekly basis to read the text, do assignments, participate in online discussions, and study the course material.
  • be familiar with computers, the internet, and the CLC e-mail system.
  • have regular access to a computer that is connected to the internet.
  • be able to work without face-to-face contact with an instructor or a tutor.