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Program of Study: Nanoscience Technology

Academic Division: Engineering, Math & Physical Sciences

NANOWIRE A wire that has a diameter of around a thousandth of a single strand of human hair. These wires are used to connect tiny components together into very small electronic circuits.

About the Program

The Nanoscience Technology program prepares students to become skilled technicians in this cutting-edge, emerging field. Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating atoms and molecules at the nanometer scale (1-100 nanometers). Graduates of this 64-66 credit hour program will be prepared to work as technicians and manufacturing and production workers within industries using nanoscience and microscience technologies, including areas of research and development, production, manufacturing, and sales.

Nanoscience Technology A.A.S. Degree
(Granted by Harper College in Palatine, IL)

Through a partnership with Harper College, CLC students are able to complete an associate in applied science degree in Nanoscience Technology. Forty-three credits of the degree are taken at the College of Lake County, and a minimum of 18 credits are taken at Harper College in Palatine. The CLC Nanoscience Technology courses are taken at the Southlake Campus in Vernon Hills. The degree is granted by Harper College upon successful completion of all program requirements.

Career Program Degree

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree

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Video on PBS NewsHour

'Tiny Technology Holds Big Economic Potential'
Paul Solman examines the small scale of nanosciences and the big impact they could have on the economy. Watch the video.

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