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NUR 110 (CNA) Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the process of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

I want to be a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). How do I begin?

The first step to enroll into the CNA class (NUR 110) is to apply to the college and complete the admission requirements. You will receive a student ID number by mail within 2 to 3 business days after completing the application.

How do I meet the reading requirement for the class?

Please refer to the CNA Fact Sheet. Students may use any of the listed tests to meet the reading requirements. Only one of the tests is needed. The reading requirement needs to be met before you can enroll in a class. The TABE A is the most frequently taken test.

How do I enroll in the NUR 110 course?

One to two business days after you have a student ID, have met the reading requirement, and submitted the background check receipt and health requirements passport, you will be able to enroll into any open section of NUR 110. If you need assistance enrolling you may go to the Registrar and Records office at the Grayslake or the Student Services office at the Southlake or Lakeshore campuses for assistance.

Is there a wait list to get into the class?

No, there is not a wait list for the CNA class. Students can check online each day to search for open classes.

When are the classes?

Classes are conducted at various times throughout the semester. Some classes are 8 weeks in length and meet 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) for 5 hours. Some classes are 16 weeks long and then will meet for shorter time periods 2-3 days a week. The class days will depend upon the class. Please review the class schedule online for specific class days and times.

When and where are the clinicals?

Clinical days are included in the class schedule. Typically clinicals begin the 3rd week in the 8-week classes and the 5th week in the 16-week classes. You will receive the clinical schedule and location during the first week of class. Clinicals are conducted at many area long-term care facilities. We make every effort to schedule the clinical as close to the class campus as possible.

Why do I need a background check?

Fingerprint background checks are required by law under the Health Care Worker Background Check Act. Background checks need to be conducted in a specific manner and the instructions are outlined on the CNA Fact Sheet.

How do I go about getting the background check?

Complete the steps as outlined on the fact sheet. The steps include: (1) complete the disclosure and authorizations form and contact information form and submit them back to the nursing department by one of the listed mechanisms; (2) receive the Live Scan vendor form; (3) make an appointment with a preferred and listed vendor or come in during the open fingerprint schedule times posted on the web page or fact sheet; (4) pay for the background check; (5) Bring a photo ID, the payment receipt and the vendor form and obtain the fingerprints; (6) Submit the completion receipt to the Nursing office at the Grayslake Campus.

What if I have a conviction for a crime?

It is the student's responsibility to check for disqualifying convictions prior to submitting to the fingerprint process. If a disqualifying conviction is present, you will not be allowed to enroll in the class until you complete a waiver application and a waiver is obtained. A student must have the waiver approved prior to enrolling into the class. The waiver process can take 3-6 months to complete.

Can I use a previous background check?

Prior background checks that were not submitted through the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) portal cannot be used. A prior background check that has been submitted through the portal can be used if it is less that 1 year old.

What is the Health Care Worker Registry?

The registry is a data base for all qualified CNA's in Illinois. This registry is maintained by the IDPH and allows individuals or employers to look up nurse assistants who are active on the registry. Individuals who are active on the registry are eligible for employment in Illinois.

What is the next step after I complete the course?

Upon successful completion of the NUR 110 course (grade of C or better), students are eligible to sit of the state CNA exam. Students will receive instructions during the course regarding how to register for the exam. The cost of the exam is $65.00. The state exam typically can be takes approximately 1-2 months following successful course completion.

How long do I remain on the Health Care Worker Registry?

Individuals will remain on the registry indefinitely, if employed as a CNA. Individuals who have not actively worked as a CNA for at least 8 hours in a 24-month period, in a paid position will be removed from the registry by the IDPH.

What if I apply for a job and my name is no longer on the registry?

If your name no longer appears on the Health Care Worker Registry then you may need to recertify as a CNA. Contact the IDPH at 217-785-5133 to request a recertification packet. You may enroll in a recertification course at CLC. Contact the Workforce and Professional Development Institute (WPDI) to request information about a recertification course.

If I complete the background check and health requirements am I guaranteed to get into a class?

There is no guarantee that a class opening will be available once the background check and health requirements are met. It is the students' responsibility to look for open classes. Enrollment dates are listed on the CLC website. Students can enroll into classes only until the first day of the class.

What health requirements are needed for the course?

The health requirements for the CNA class include a 2-step TB test, medical records from childhood immunizations and a tetanus shot if needed.

How do I go about getting the health requirements done?

Contact the Health Center to begin and complete the health requirements. Once the requirements are complete, you will receive a signed health passport. The passport needs to be submitted to the Nursing Office at the Grayslake campus prior to enrollment. The passport will be returned to you on the first day of class once you are enrolled in a class.

Can I miss any class or clinical time?

The IDPH requires specific classroom and clinical time in order to successfully complete a course. If you have a conflict that will require you to miss any class or clinical time, it is best not to enroll into a class until you can attend ALL classes and clinicals. Once a student has absent hours and falls below the state mandated time to be in class, the students will be required to withdraw from the course. The time includes being on time for all class and clinicals. Any missed time counts against the mandated class and clinical hours. In addition, the first day of class and clinical are MANDATORY. Students who are not present on the first day of class or clinical will need to withdraw from the course.