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Policies and Requirements

Immunization Requirements

All health and immunization requirements must be satisfied prior to clinical rotation. Questions and/or concerns must be directed to CLC Health Center. The College of Lake County Health Center has set the following requirements for phlebotomy students as of November 01, 2008.

  • Mantoux(tuberculosis): 2-step test
  • Varicella Titre
    • 2-shot vaccination available to achieve immunity
  • Measles (Rubeola): evidence of immunity by blood test
    • Booster or vaccination available to achieve immunity
  • Mumps titre
    • Booster available to achieve immunity
  • Rubella (German Measles): evidence of immunity with positive blood titre
    • Booster available to achieve immunity
  • Hepatitis A: Hepatitis A IgM blood titre
    • Vaccine is available to achieve immunity
  • Hepatitis B immunity by either of the following:
    • Series of3 immunization, or documentation of same, or
    • Serum sample of antibody to HB Ag, or Hepatitis B Titer
    • 3-step series available to achieve immunity
  • Hepatitis C: Hepatitis C Antibody blood titre
    • No vaccine available
  • Influenza immunization
  • Tetanus: evidence of Td or TdaP within the past 10 years

Additional Requirements

Care Worker Criminal Background Check may be required in order to satisfy the hiring practices of CLC's clinical affiliates.

  • Students with less than perfect records may apply for a waiver from the State of Illinois; the clinical affiliate may allow a student with a waiver into the practicum.
  • Students in the program are expected to have clean records.

Drug Testing may be required by the Clinical affiliates prior to the clinical rotation. Arrangements for the checking/testing will be made by the clinical affiliates.

  • Students will be notified about the arrangements by CLC's program coordinator.
  • Students are expected to cover the cost of the drug testing.