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The program courses and activities are designed to teach the necessary technical skills and help students enhance their critical thinking abilities and interpersonal skills. It includes:

  • 96 hours of theory and laboratory practice at the CLC's well-equipped labs and through lectures, CD and DVD tutorials, Web resources, practice arms, and real arms (students work on each other).
  • A clinical practicum during which students spend eight hours a day, five days a week, for three weeks at clinical sites (hospitals or physician's office labs) as full-time student-trainees, under the supervision of professional Medical Technologists and/or Phlebotomists.

Career Certificate

  • Phlebotomy Technician Certificate (Plan 21MP)


Course Credit
Lect. Hours
per week
Lab Hours
per week
No. of
PBT 110 2 4 8 4 48
PBT 115 2 4 8 4 48
PBT 116 2 40 3 120
Total 6 224

*NOTE: Effective August 2010, the phlebotomy course prefixes have changed from MLT to PBT.

CLC's PBT Certificate Program can be completed in 11 weeks of diligent work (the fast-track). CLC awards a certificate upon successful completion of the program, and graduates of this program are eligible to sit for testing by nationally recognized certifying agencies.


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