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Program of Study: Paralegal Studies

Academic Division: Business Division

About the Program

In February 2009, the Paralegal Studies Program at CLC was approved by the American Bar Association (ABA), making it Lake County's only ABA-approved paralegal program.

There are two options to choose from in the paralegal field:

Paralegal Studies Associate in Applied Science (Plan 22PA)

The A.A.S. is a two year Associate in Applied Science degree that is specifically tailored for those paralegal students who have not yet earned a college degree. The courses required include paralegal specialty courses as well as general education courses that will enhance this career.

Take one or two courses per semester, and complete the associate degree in approximately 10 semesters. Attend full time, and complete it in four semesters.

Course Sequence Guide for AAS Plan 22PA (PDF)

Paralegal Studies Certificate (Plan 22PB)

The certificate is available to those students who have already completed a college degree. It consists entirely of paralegal specialty courses including legal research and writing, litigation and electives in specific areas such as family law, real estate, probate, corporations, intellectual property and torts.

Take one or two courses per semester, and complete the certificate in four or five semesters. Attend full time, and complete the certificate in three semesters.

The PLS certificate (22PB) will change from 21 credits to 30 credits effective Fall 2013. Only new students who enroll in classes at CLC for the first time in the 2013-2014 academic year are required to follow the 2013-2014 catalog (or may choose later versions). Students who began taking courses at CLC (even if they were not PLS courses) prior to the 2013-2014 academic year, have the option of following the catalog requirements of the academic year in which they began, or any later version, EXCEPT where there has been gap of 6 consecutive terms or more in between the student’s enrollment; then current catalog requirements will apply.

Course Sequence Guide for Certificate Plan 22PB (PDF)

Specialty Courses

The Paralegal Studies Department at CLC offers legal specialty courses in the most marketable areas such as: Litigation, Real Property Law, Corporate and Securities Law, Intellectual Property Law, Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Probate Law, Immigration Law, and Healthcare Law.

 Choose the right elective courses for your career goals. View our Recommended Elective Course Concentrations for a list of elective courses recommended by local attorneys and paralegals for careers specific paralegal employment settings.

Attend an Information Session

  • Learn more about the Paralegal profession and job outlook
  • Find out about our ABA Approved Paralegal Certificate and Associate in Applied Science degree
  • Get to know the faculty who will be teaching the courses
  • Meet other students interested in becoming paralegals

View the Information Session dates and times.

Career Program Degree and Certificate

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degree


Course Scheduling Guide

Paralegal Studies
The following courses are scheduled to be offered:
Fall, Spring
& Summer
Fall & Spring Only
- no Summer
PLS 110 

PLS 112*
PLS 114 
PLS 211**
PLS 233  
PLS 235  
PLS 250
PLS 251 

Spring &
Fall &
PLS 210
PLS 213
PLS 215
PLS 216
PLS 234 Even numbered years only

PLS 214
PLS 218
PLS 231 Odd numbered years only
PLS 232
PLS 236  Even numbered years only

PLS 116
PLS 212(*)
PLS 230

(*)Spring will be face-to-face, Summer will be online.

PLS 118

* It is recommended (although not required) that students complete PLS 112 prior to enrolling in other PLS electives.

** PLS 111 has been re-named PLS 211 effective Fall 2011.

*** This information is accurate, but subject to change. Rev: Aug 2013

If you would like to speak with one of the faculty advisors for the paralegal studies program, please check their contact information.

Articulation Agreements for Transfer

We currently have articulation agreements with the following four-year institutions:

California University of Pennsylvania

  • B.A. in Jurisprudence

Roosevelt University

  • B.P.S. in Criminal Justice
  • B.P.S. in Paralegal Studies
  • B.L.S. in Political Science
  • B. P.S. in Professional Administration

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

  • Capstone Option/TRM - Bachelor's degree

For more details, visit the Transfer Information: Articulation Agreements webpage.

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