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Transfer Credit Policy

Paralegal Studies Credit for Legal Specialty Courses by Transfer

*Notwithstanding the provisions detailed below: in no circumstance will a student be awarded a PLS degree or certificate unless at least 10 hours of PLS specialty course work has been completed at CLC in a traditional class format.

Transfer Credit Policy*

The College of Lake County Paralegal Studies Program may award transfer credit for PLS designated, legal specialty courses, except for PLS 250 and PLS 251 on a case-by-case basis determined by a Paralegal Studies Program Department Chair, subject to approval of the Dean of the Business and Social Sciences Division under the following circumstances:

  1. Transfer credit may be awarded for substantially similar courses completed with a grade of “C” or higher in an ABA approved, or other post secondary academically accredited academic paralegal studies program within 10 years of the date of the request. To be considered “substantially similar”:
    1. the course must have incorporated the same or similar topics and assignments as the PLS course sought to be credited as evidenced by a catalog description, detailed syllabus, and course reference file;
    2. the course must have an educational value of at least 3 college semester credit hours; and,
    3. the course must have been delivered in a traditional academic format.
  2. No more than 9 semester credit hours of Paralegal Studies specialty course credit (PLS courses) may be earned toward the A.A.S. and Certificate by transfer credit.
  3. Students who wish to obtain transfer credit for any PLS legal specialty course should submit a request to a PLS Department Chair including the following:
    1. The name of the CLC course for which you wish to obtain transfer credit
    2. Name and course number of course you wish to transfer along with:
      1. Transcript documenting course grade, credits, and year completed
      2. Course description and course syllabus