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About the Surgical Technology Program

Certification Options

Soheila Kayhoud, a surgical technology instructor and the program’s coordinator introduces the program by talking about the various options that are offered. “The surgical technology program is a one year certificate program with the option of going to getting an associate’s degree in surgical technology. If you’re planning on going to medical school this is an excellent way of starting in the field. It looks good on a resume when you send it to the medical school. At the same time, it’s a great field to work in for the rest of your life”

The Students

Heather Case, a surgical technology student, describes the program as "hands on". “We have clinics; we go to different hospital sites around Lake County. Then there’s the lecture portion of the program," says Case. Erich Maholko explains how the program prepares students for the field. "Doing this in the lab, it helps out. So when you do go into the O.R. we’re not going in blindly. We’ve got the practice, how to pass everything, and how to work with the instruments” says Maholko

An Opportunity to Build a Rewarding Career

“By the time they finish they have more procedures under their belts than is required by the Association of Surgical Technicians. By the time they finish they already have positions lined up for them," explains Kayhoud. Heather Case then talks about her employment impressions. “I’m really excited about my job. There are not many people that can say that. Surgery is just something that I love” says Case.

The Field

Erich Mahalko gives his impressions of surgical technology. “Oh I love it, It’s great! It changes day-to-day, procedure-to-procedure. It’s really interesting,” says Mahalko. Instructor Kayhoud concludes the video by sharing her feelings about surgical technology and her career. “I love the fact in a given day I go to work and I have to see what comes my way. I have to think on my feet and be able to help a group of people save somebody. Whether it’s an immediate situation in the trauma or a chronic situation like a gall bladder procedure, it’s unique and I like that.”