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HVAC Engineering Technology (HET)
Engineering, Math & Physical Sciences

The following course information is effective for the Fall 2010 term.

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HET 119HVACR Electricity II4 units  

This course covers intermediate AC and DC circuitry, the laws of electricity, wiring of HVACR equipment, and safety procedures with an emphasis placed on sustainable energy sources. Through lectures, demonstrations, and lab experiences, students will learn about various types of residential and commercial heating and air-conditioning, commercial refrigeration electrical service, and installation and preventive maintenance techniques. The function and operational characteristics of various types of electric controls will be covered including thermostats, defrost controls, relays, contactors, capacitors, power distribution, motors, system malfunction diagnosis, corrective procedures, and protective devices. This course also introduces part-winding starts, Wye and Delta wound transformers, programmable controllers, Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM), and Variable Frequency Drive motors (VFD). The National Electrical Code is reinforced, as well as the use of meters, schematics, wiring diagrams, electrical troubleshooting, electrical service procedures, and electrical test equipment.

NOTE: Students will be required to purchase basic hand tools used in this and other HVACR courses.

Prerequisite: HET 110 and HET 111

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