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Perkins III Grant - Emergency Funds Program

Types of Assistance Minimum Amount
Per Term
Maximum Amount
Per Term
Course and Lab Fees
Payment made directly to your account only for courses you are currently registered to take. No cash money is given to a student for these fees.

$10 $100
Cost of book at the CLC bookstore must accompany your request for these funds.

$75 $200
Two weeks at any licensed facility. Any facility including CLC must have a printed statement of weekly charges and outside facilities must also have a copy of their state license.

$50 $175
Gas or Pace Bus Passes. For gas money, the student must present a valid drivers license and insurance card in order to receive funds.
$107.50 $60
(There is no money provided for tuition through this program. Make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office; and they will be glad to assist you in completing your paperwork).