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Nontraditional Careers

What is Nontraditional?

Nontraditional refers to careers where individuals of one gender comprise less than 25 percent of those employed in an occupation. Today women and men have the freedom to follow their own personal interests, aptitudes and values toward expanded career options.

Careers that Work

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, women pursue only 20 of the 440 existing job categories. Men pursue fewer nontraditional options. These careers can offer great pay, job satisfaction and career advancement.

Jumpstart Your Nontraditional Career at CLC!

Take this opportunity to explore your career options. Contact the Counseling Office where you can receive individual attention to assist you in researching and selecting a CLC career/technical program. In addition, while you are a CLC student, support services are available to insure your success. Call Tina Anagnos at (847) 543-2263 or email for more information.

View a list of programs and training for in-demand Nontraditional Careers.

Gender Equity Resources for Nontraditional Students

View a list of additional resources.