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College of Lake County defines an internship as “a form of experiential learning that integrates the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.” Through internships you will learn and apply career skills in an actual work setting.

  • Learn the expectations of the workplace.
  • Have an opportunity to confirm whether a career field is right for you.
  • Build experience for your resume.

How to Arrange an Internship or Co-op

  1. Go to LancerJobLink to create an account and upload your resume as a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Meet with a Career Specialist to review your internship search materials and establish your search strategies. Contact the Career and Job Placement Center for an appointment.
  3. Search for internship opportunities on LancerJobLink and the other websites recommended to you during your meeting with the Career Specialist.
  4. Apply for any internship that aligns with your career goals.
  5. When you obtain an internship, notify the Career Specialist by contacting the Career and Job Placement Center by phone or email.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must have completed nine (9) CLC credit hours.
  • Students must have minimum of a 2.25 GPA.
  • Students must be currently enrolled in a minimum of six (6) college credit hours.

Earn Credit for Your Job Experience

At CLC, you can earn 1-7 credits for a cooperative education experience. To earn credit, sign up for EWE 220 Cooperative Work Experience I (1-4 credits) or EWE 270 Cooperative Work Experience II (1-3 credits). You can enroll in EWE 220 up to four times, and EWE 270 if you seeking a second semester internship and are enrolled in a qualifying degree or certificate program.