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Conducting a Job Search

Your job search success is directly related to the time you invest and the number of strategies you incorporate. And though a job search can take six to eight months or longer, persistence, keeping a positive attitude and using the right search methods can increase your odds of success.

Here are steps to follow:

1. Reflect on your career goals. What do you really want in career? What work-related experiences have been positive? What type of lifestyle do you want? How does work fit into that lifestyle?

2. Research your options. Define what you have to offer an employer—your education, knowledge, skills and experience. Which job opportunities align best to these assets? Job market research will help you determine the best match.

3. Create the tools to market yourself. Polish your resume, cover letter, portfolio, writing samples, etc.

4. Conduct your job search as if it were a job. Approach your search in an organized, diligent manner. It will also give you a greater sense of control, decrease stress and increase your odds of success.

 5. Use multiple job search strategies. Attend job fairs and on-campus recruiting events, network and use online resources, professional organization job listings and newspapers/journals.

6. Follow up on your applications. Keeping a list of positions you applied for, along with the company name, hiring official or other contact, date of application, etc. This will help in following up.

7. Recognize that rejections are a normal part of the process. Employers usually have many more applicants than available positions. If you experience consistent problems with your job search, schedule an appointment with a career counselor to review your application materials.

8. Consult with others throughout the process. You will feel less alone and you may even get job leads. Your support network can include College of Lake County faculty or staff, as well as friends and family members. Successful applicants reach out for the support they need.