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How to Dress for Success

General Guidelines

  • Dress in a manner of Business Professional for all interviews. It is always better to be
    over dressed than under dressed.
  • A matched two piece suit in navy, black or gray is the best approach to dress
  • Be sure your clothes are clean, pressed, fit properly and free of lint.
  • Shoes: Polished and heels should not be too worn.
  • Hair: Clean, neat, one naturally occurring color.
  • Smell: Use perfume or cologne sparingly, if at all.
  • Portfolios/Business Bags: Use one to carry papers/resumes to look professional.
  • Attire that you wear to a night club is not considered attire to wear to an interview.

Guidelines for Men

  • Shirts: Long sleeved shirts-even in summer; white or light blue with or without a
    conservative stripe.
  • Tie: good quality silk tie, conservative solid, pattern or stripe.
  • Socks: dark color, mid-calf so the lower leg is not visible when sitting.
  • Shoes: Leather, dark color, lace up or slip on.
  • Belt: black to match your shoes.
  • Facial Hair: well-groomed, trendy/scruffy look is not acceptable in most industries.
  • Jewelry: Only wear a watch. Remove earrings/piercings for most interviews.

Guidelines for Women

  • Suit: Pants or skirt suit in conservative colors of navy, black, brown or gray.
  • Shirt: Under suit wear sleeveless shell with coordinating colors in suit.
  • Jewelry: A watch and conservative earrings (1 set) are acceptable.
  • Accessories: Purse/business bag, belt and scarf should be professional and conservative.
  • Cosmetics: Nail polish should be one neutral color, makeup should be minimal.
  • Shoes: Closed-toe pumps work best for most interviews.

Contact the Career and Job Placement Center to make an appointment for a mock interview.

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