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Types of Interviews


This kind of interview will be conducted by someone who screens candidates for qualifications and interpersonal skills. This is usually a pre-interview before meeting the hiring supervisor.


The telephone interview is often used as a type of screening interview. It might also be used as the formal interview. Key points to remember about telephone interviews:

  • Be sure you have a phone line that will work well with clear reception. Landlines are preferable. If you are using a cell phone, be sure it is fully charged and has good reception. Turn off call waiting so your call is not interrupted.
  • Keep your resume in view with pen and paper available for writing down questions.
  • Clear the room: sit in a quiet room without any noise from computers, TV, other people, pets, etc.
  • Smile when you talk. Interviewers can detect a smile and positive attitude over the phone.


During this interview, the employer is in charge and will ask all the questions.


In this interview, you will have much more input and control into the interview. It will feel more conversational in nature.


Several people applying for the same job will be interviewed together.

Behavioral Based

You will be asked to respond to questions citing actions you took in your prior work experience.