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Parking Guide

When you bring your car to a College of Lake County campus, you must obey both laws imposed by the State of Illinois, as well as regulations enacted by the college, to regulate traffic and parking and to provide for the safety of all persons on campus.

Parking Regulations

The college has created parking lots, signage and regulations to comply with state laws and local regulations and provide for the safety of all on campus. The CLC Police Department is empowered to enforce these laws and regulations, levy fines when these regulations are not followed, and issue college or court citations just as any law enforcement agency.

Restricted Parking Areas

Please do not park in areas designated for holders of medical or other special permits, tow risk zones, fire lanes, parking lot aisles, sidewalks, curbs or lawn or along yellow-painted curbs. These parking violations may result in citations, fines and/or towing charges.

Vehicle Registration

Students, visitors and vendors: Not required to register their vehicles, provided they are parked in the designated areas within the parking lots.

Staff: Required to register their vehicles and properly display a current, valid parking permit to park in any posted staff parking area. The permits may be obtained at the CLC Police office with proper identification.

Handicap Parking

Available to anyone legally authorized to operate a motor vehicle, provided it bears a special license plate or hang tag issued by the state. Such parking is also available to vehicles bearing temporary handicap permits issued by a local municipality or the CLC Health Center. All permits must be properly displayed on the vehicle. All handicap parking spaces are individually posted throughout the parking areas.

Motorcycle Parking

Available within the striped area at the end of each parking row: no other registration is required.

Driving Regulations

All drivers must obey CLC regulations as well as all state and local regulations. Posted speed limits are strictly enforced. Please reduce speed for construction, adverse conditions or pedestrians/cyclists in or crossing the roadway.

Fines and Sanctions

The CLC Police department has the authority to impose fines and sanctions for any violations of the parking and/or traffic regulations.

The fine for any parking violation is $10 except handicap parking, which is $250. Fines may be paid by mail or in person within five business days at the Cashiers Office. Anyone not paying a fine levied against them may be subject to collection procedures. Students may be subject to having their grade reports, transcripts and/or registration privileges withheld until such time as an outstanding citation is appropriately processed by payment or successful appeal. All unpaid citations are subject to collection unless otherwise processed.

CLC Police officers may issue Illinois traffic citations to enforce state or local regulations.

Parking Violation Appeal

Anyone receiving a citation for a CLC parking violation has the right to appeal the citation, for a reasonable cause, with the CLC Police Department. The appeal must be filed within five business days of the date of issue of the citation, or the right to file an appeal is waived.

Appeal Steps

  • Obtain, complete and return the appeal form to the CLC Police within the five business days after the date of the citation.
  • A date and time will be scheduled for an administrative hearing or to discuss the appeal by telephone.

Appeal Rights

Anyone receiving a citation for a violation of a CLC parking/traffic regulation has the right to appeal the citation, for a reasonable cause, with the CLC Police Department. If that appeal is denied, a second-level appeal may be sought with the college’s Traffic Appeal Board.

Such appeal must be filed within five business days of the date of issue of the citation or denial of the initial appeal, or the right to file is waived. Should this appeal be denied, a request for a review by the college’s Board of Trustees may be filed. It is at the board’s discretion whether to hear such an appeal.


A vehicle that is abandoned or parked in such a way as to restrict the normal and safe movement of traffic may be towed at the owner’s expense; including storage charges, if any. Habitual offenders of parking regulations may also have their vehicles towed.

Any vehicle left on college property, without proper notice to CLC Police, for more than seven calendar days will be considered abandoned. A reasonable attempt will be made during that time to contact the owner.