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Women’ s Center

Best Friends


Student Empowerment Center
Grayslake, B120D/E
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Tammy Burns
Phone: (847) 543-2636

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From helping single mothers struggling to balance school and family to encouraging young women aspiring to enter traditionally male occupations, the Women’s Center at CLC offers a range of services to help women succeed and thrive.

Our Services

We offer a safe, caring place where female students, staff and community members can come to access:

  • Consultation and referral to counseling
  • Support and discussion groups, workshops and gender-specific resources
  • Networking opportunities
  • Referral to county services
  • Outreach programming and speaker presentations
  • Emergency financial services (available to CLC students only)

Help for Women, an Open Door for Everyone

Women facing a variety of life issues find support in the Women’s Center, among them single mothers, returning adult female students, displaced homemakers, nontraditional career seekers, victims of rape/sexual abuse and domestic violence, women in cultural transition and gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender persons.

Though our services are aimed at women, men are also welcome.  We sponsor several events throughout the year of interest to both men and women.


To offer an extensive set of services and programs, we work with college departments, groups and clubs as well as community organizations and businesses on a regular basis. In particular, we rely on the college’s counseling staff who have expertise in personal and crisis counseling, and we make referrals to county support services and work with local women’s organizations to advocate for women’s concerns.


The Giving Tree: Co-sponsored by AAWCC and the Women’s Center, this program is for students and their families who are in need of assistance beyond what financial aid and local organizations can provide.

Smart Choices for Student Success:- We offer a year-round workshop series that addresses issues relevant to our students' lives at school, at home and in the workplace. Topics covered include: household budgeting, health care, domestic violence, child support enforcement, legal information, self-defense, and auto repair.

Volunteer:  Volunteer at the Women’s Center for Smart Choices Credit!

Scholarships: Contact the Women's Center for scholarship opportunities.

Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund exists to assist CLC students and their families who are economically disadvantaged. The fund covers financial emergencies with tuition/books, child care, utilities, and work/school transportation. See the Coordinator for more information about applying for or donating funds.