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Counseling Services

Counseling is a collaborative effort involving you and a counselor working together on solutions to issues that can affect your academic success.  It can help you with academic, career and transfer planning as well as emotional concerns that can affect your academic success.

Kinds of Help Offered

Academic advising

See a counselor for academic advising if you have completed 26 or more credits and are enrolled in a transfer program. Counselors work with you to help choose your major, select classes, prepare for transfer, develop success strategies, meet academic proficiencies and achieve and maintain good academic standing.

Transfer planning

Counselors can help you select a transfer institution and plan your coursework to fulfill your transfer school’s specific requirements. Transfer resources and college and university transfer fairs are also offered to assist your decision making.

Career or academic major counseling

Counselors can help you explore career options, occupational projections and earnings and the academic preparation needed for certain careers. Through counseling and assessment, counselors help you set and realize career-related goals. Counselors also help students cope with personal aspects of career transitions due to unemployment, underemployment, reassignment and more. Career counseling is available through individual counseling as well as a credit course, PDS 122 Career Exploration.

Personal counseling

Counselors assist with personal growth and life planning and/or with personal problems that interfere with progress in school by providing individual or group sessions or referrals to appropriate community agencies. Counselors provide help to students who may be in crisis and serve as a first-line resource for faculty and staff to immediately assist students. Counseling also offers a one-credit course, PDS 121 Self-Empowerment.

Courses and workshops

We offer assistance in developing strategies for academic success by offering workshops and credit courses to teach you study skills, time management and test-taking techniques. Counseling offers a one-to-two-credit course, PDS 120 Becoming a Successful College Student.

In addition, you can take advantage of the college’s regularly scheduled workshops in Academic Success and Leadership development, which are free and open to all CLC students.

Crisis intervention and referrals

Counselors also assist students in crisis. If you are experiencing a situation causing you distress, counselors will listen and refer you if personal counseling or therapy is needed. Faculty, staff and friends of students are also encouraged to refer or walk students who might be in crisis to the counseling center.

The Counseling Department developed the CLC Community Referral Guide (PDF) to provide CLC students with potential referrals and contact information for various agencies and private therapists in the Lake County Area

Our Qualifications

CLC counselors are professionally trained to counsel students. Each of our counselors has a minimum of a master’s degree in counseling, psychology or a related field.  All of our counseling activities are guided by a professional code of ethics and conduct.


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