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See Something, Say Something:
Reporting Inappropriate Behavior

The College of Lake County is invested in maintaining the well-being of the campus environment. It is important that each of us, student, staff and faculty, have an equal share, interest, and responsibility in ensuring we maintain a safe and respectful campus. So, if you have experienced something that causes you concern, or simply doesn’t seem right, please report it. Information is provided below for how to report a complaint or provide a suggestion.

Examples may include aggressive behavior of a classmate, an electronic threat made on social media, experiencing or knowledge of harassment or discrimination, witnessing suspicious activity or overhearing a conversation about violence.

How to Make a Report


Emergency Situations

Call 911 or the CLC Police department at x5555 (internal) or (847) 543-2081 if the situation calls for an immediate response.


CLC Hotline: Anonymous Reporting

For your convenience, you may also submit a report through our anonymous CLC Hotline listed below. For the most thorough investigation, it is always recommended to provide as much information as possible.

Behavior Concerns

Behavior Concerns

I have a concern regarding:

  • Safety, such as aggressive conduct that threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person
  • Discrimination or harassment related to race, color, religion, national origin, age, marital status or disability.
  • For sex or gender-based misconduct concerns, please see Sexual Misconduct.

Report an Incident

Note: If your concern is related to sex or gender based discrimination or harassment, you can use the report form or contact one of the college’s Title IX coordinators.

Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct

Any CLC member can report sex and gender-based misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence and dating violence. You can speak with anyone at any time and reporting is always an option.

Read more about your options for reporting sexual misconduct and resources for getting support.

Report an Incident

Academic Concerns

Academic Concerns

I have a concern regarding:

  • Class policies and procedures
  • Faculty
  • Grading and assessment
  • Quality of instruction

Please complete the online CLC Academic Concerns Form. To access the form, login to the myCLC portal, then select the CLC Academic Concerns Form option located on the left-hand menu.

Learn more about addressing academic concerns.

For additional assistance, please contact the appropriate division office:

Note: all offices are located on the Grayslake Campus.

Other Concerns

Other Concerns

If you have a complaint regarding service at the college or other concerns you would like to bring to the college’s attention, please contact the appropriate department directly.

CLC Cares Services

CLC cares about your academic and personal success, and we know that feeling safe and secure is essential to fulfilling your potential. That’s why we have developed “CLC Cares,” a package of services for promoting the overall well-being of all students.

Helping Students in Crisis

We have established a Behavioral Intervention Team to help students in crisis by assessing the potential risk to self or others and coordinating a college response. The team approach brings together staff from several departments so the best solutions and resources can be applied to each individual situation.

Defining and Upholding Behavioral Standards

We have developed behavioral standards that promote a safe and productive learning environment. The Student Conduct Office is responsible for establishing behavioral standards, informing students of their rights and responsibilities, and managing a fair process to address alleged violations.

Maintaining Strong Compliance with Title IX

The federal Title IX law requires colleges to comply with many requirements relating to sex- and gender-based misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, sex discrimination and sexual assault prevention. Our Title IX Services are designed to help protect students and ensure compliance with the federal law.