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Residency Forms

Business Educational Service Agreement (PDF)

Students who reside outside of the College of Lake County’s district but work full time (35 hours or more per week) at a Lake County company location can qualify for in-district tuition rates. Students interested in this agreement should have their employer complete the Business Educational Service Agreement and provide either a company ID or a copy of a recent payroll stub. Students must have been employed full time at the in-district company since the beginning of the semester. Au pairs working for a family that resides in Lake County should request that their host family complete this form in order to receive in-district tuition rates.

Joint Agreement Participation Authorization (PDF)

Students living in the College of Lake County's district who are interested in a program not offered by CLC may be eligible for in-district tuition while attending a participating college. All Illinois community colleges and Gateway Technical College in Wisconsin participate in Joint Agreements with CLC.

The College of Lake County must authorize district residents for a Joint Agreement. Students should complete the authorization form and submit it for approval. Students are responsible for submitting approved authorization forms to the participating college. Students must have a CLC ID number in order to participate in a Joint Agreement. If you do not have an ID number, complete the Student Admission Form.

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