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Accelerating Your College Success

A Fast Track to College-Level Coursework

Are you planning to enroll at CLC but need to take developmental math and English?  You aren’t alone. Many students need extra coursework to meet the proficiency requirements to take college-level courses. CLC offers the Accelerating Your College Success (ACS) program for students who place into certain developmental math and English classes. ACS helps students make real progress toward college-level coursework. You will take one course at a time.

ACS is for students who:

  • Place into MTH 105.
  • Place into ENG 109.
  • Agree to only enroll in these two courses for the semester.

Students accepted into the ACS program enroll in a developmental math and developmental English course during the 16-week semester. ENG 109 is the first five weeks and MTH 105 is the last 11 weeks. ACS classes include academic activities and support provided by a tutor and an academic coach.

For Fall 2017, the ACS program will not be offered.

Why you should apply

  • You’ll make faster progress toward your degree. Successfully completing MTH 105 will allow you to progress into one of three general college-level math courses. Successfully completing ENG 109 qualifies you to take ENG 121 and many other college-level courses at CLC.
  • You pay just $50 per course for a total of $100, which includes textbooks. This cost is a savings of approximately $1,000. CLC will pay the rest.  It’s our investment in you.
  • You’ll learn college-success tips such as study skills and time management that you can use throughout your college career.
  • Tutoring will be provided.
  • You’ll meet with an academic coach to discuss strategies to succeed.
  • You’ll make new friends and get to know all that CLC has to offer!

How to apply for ACS

If you are eligible, follow these steps:

  1. Apply to CLC.
  2. Submit your ACT/SAT scores and high school transcript to determine your course placement, or take the placement tests. Make sure your test scores place you in MTH 105 and ENG 109.
  3. New students: You will meet with an advisor at New Student Orientation.
  4. Submit an Accelerating Your College Success application.
    (Note: Program not currently accepting applications.)

Where to take placement tests

  • Placement tests will be offered on-site at some area high schools. Contact your high school counselor for information.
  • You can also take CLC’s math or language placement tests in the Testing Center at the Grayslake, Lakeshore and Southlake campuses.
  • For more information call:
    • Grayslake - (847) 543-2076
    • Lakeshore - (847) 543-2121
    • Southlake - (847) 543-6544

For questions about ACS, please contact:

Academic Success
Room L123, Grayslake Campus
(847) 543-2072