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Coaching for Academic Success (CAS)

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Faculty seeking assistance with using Peoplesoft for early alert reporting should call (847) 543-2763.


Coaching for Academic Success intervenes to help students maximize their potential, collaborates with faculty and staff to develop solutions, and engages students with college resources and programs. Academic coaches inspire students to achieve course success and persistence through effective communication, critical reflection, self-advocacy and resiliency.

Academic coaches help students with:

  • Understanding academic progress in class and communicating with faculty
  • Developing effective time-management and study skill strategies
  • Connecting with relevant CLC resources
  • Identifying problems and implementing solutions
  • Maximizing their college experience

Students in the following classes are automatically assigned to a CAS coach:

  • ELI - 108 and 109
  • ENG - 108, 109 and 110
  • MTH - 101, 102, 104, 105, 108, 114, 140, 141 and 142 

Coaches contact students during the first week of classes (during class and through CLC email) and provide coaching information. Coaches also email helpful information throughout the semester. If you're unsure of your coach's name, contact us for assistance. You are encouraged to contact your coach whenever you have a question or need help.

Coaching for Academic Success

Learn about the services coaches provide and get academic success tips from some of our staff.

Early Alerts

Students may receive an early alert notification from an instructor or coach. Early alerts are related to academic performance on assignments and exams, class attendance, understanding course material, and other areas where students could benefit from additional support. Coaches contact students via email, phone or text to discuss the alert. Coaches then provide support, referrals to CLC resources such as tutoring and advising, and conversations about student success. Be sure to respond to your coach when you are contacted.

The goal of the early alert process is to assist students as soon as possible and improve student performance and enrollment.

Workshops and Events

College departments and offices sponsor workshops specifically designed for CLC students. Enhance your academic success at any of the following programs.