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FAQs for Student Note-Takers

What is the responsibility of the in-class note-taker?

To write or type the important info that is written on the board and/or provided verbally in the class lecture and share it promptly (typically through e-mail within 24 hours) with a fellow classmate who is registered with OSD. It is NOT your responsibility to tutor or otherwise explain the content of class notes.

How do I become a note-taker?

If you are in the same class in which a student needs notes and you know that you are punctual and take good notes, this is the perfect opportunity to make some money and help a fellow classmate. First, see if the spot is still available by contacting OSD. Then, look over the FAQs page and fill out the agreement form. Upon doing so, you will receive a log/time card so you can “introduce” yourself to the student and start sending notes.

How do I contact the OSD student to introduce myself?

Through the CLC e-mail that is provided on the log/time card – unless the student wishes to remain anonymous, in which case you would use the anonymous e-mail provided.

How quickly do I need to get the notes to my student?

As soon as possible, but within 24 hours of the class.

Is it OK to tell my friends who I am taking notes for?

No. The OSD student is entitled to confidentiality. It is important to be discreet.

What happens with note-taking if I miss class?

If there are no notes on a given day or if you are absent, you must let your student know through an e-mail as a courtesy. Then upon your return, get the notes for yourself and make sure you get them to your student.

How do I send notes to my student?

The fastest and easiest way to send notes is by taking pictures of your notes on your cell phone or by scanning and then e-mailing your notes. Other possible ways of sharing notes include: type the notes and e-mail them, or copy the notes and hand them off (however, this will cost money).

How much does a note-taker make?

Fifty dollars ($50) at the conclusion of the semester, which is based on providing the service for up to four separate students in each class.

Note: You can be a note-taker in all of your classes if one is needed in each one. However, the positions are first-come, first-served.

When do I turn in my note-taking log/time card?

Toward the end of the semester. You are eligible to be paid if the log is submitted no later than 10 calendar days after the conclusion of the semester worked.

Note: OSD reserves the right to pro-rate payment based on partial or incomplete service.

Why do I have to include my Social Security number on the log/time card at the end of the semester?

So that we are able to process the payment and you can get paid.