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Succeed at CLC

Prepare. Study. Connect.

The Succeed at CLC Program, in partnership with the college community, is determined to work with students to do whatever is necessary to help them reach their educational potential. The Succeed at CLC Program is open to all students. We offer three categories of programming:


Mini Workshops on topics related to academic success are offered in a 50-minute format. Some sessions are paired with Study Zone sessions; others are held separately. Examples of topics include “Improve Your Note –Taking Skills,” “Study Smarter,” Undecided? Exploring Careers and Choosing a Major,” and “Making the Most of Your Math Class.”   Presentations are developed to respond to student requests.


Study Zones are group study sessions. They are held twice a week and provide a quiet, friendly atmosphere to study, get help from tutors and access laptop computers and printers. Free food is also provided to fuel your success.


Connect Events provide opportunities to meet new people, network and participate in activities that help move one closer to his/her educational, career and personal goals. They include Transfer College Fairs, Job Fairs and Game Nights.

CLC College Readiness: How To Succeed in College!

Former students tell future students how they can succeed in college.