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CLC Academic Proficiency Testing
(Also called Math/English Placement, CLC Placement or APT)

All new students enrolling in associate degree or career certificate courses need to provide evidence of academic proficiency. The Academic Proficiency Test is administered at the Grayslake, Lakeshore and Southlake campuses at various times during the week.

For recorded information about the Math/English (APT), call (847) 543-2076. For more information, contact the Testing Center nearest you.

What is CLC Academic Proficiency Testing? 

Students who plan to enroll in credit-bearing classes at CLC are required to meet basic proficiencies before they can register for classes.  Students may demonstrate that they meet basic proficiencies in other ways, but CLC also offers placement testing that students may use for this purpose. You may hear these tests referred to as CLC Academic Proficiency Tests, APT tests, CLC Placement or Math/English Placement (APT) Tests. Although the names sound different, they’re all the same thing.