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English Placement FAQs

Do I need to take the English Placement (APT) Test?

Many incoming students find that they do need to take the English Placement (APT) Test. College Reading and Writing Readiness (CRWR) is a term for English Language proficiency, which is a requirement for many CLC classes. This test is one way of demonstrating CRWR. Students planning to enroll in CLC courses and unable to demonstrate CRWR through other means are required to take the English Placement (APT) Test to determine initial placement. See specific course requirements in the current catalog, or talk to a CLC advisor.

What’s the test format?

The exam questions are all multiple-choice. You’ll read each question and then select an answer from the four available choices. The test is computer adaptive, meaning questions are chosen for you based on your previous answers. This method allows your test questions to be individualized. Because of this adaptive format, you won’t be able to go back and change your answers, so it’s important to give each question careful consideration before submitting your answer and moving on. For examples of typical test questions, please access the free Accuplacer Study App.

Should I study for this test? 

YES! Studying could save you a lot of time and money by allowing you to place into higher level classes and take fewer classes!

Where can I find study materials? 

There’s a FREE STUDY APP! The app is accessible to most devices with internet access, and provides sample questions similar to those on the actual test plus explanations of correct/incorrect answers. You can track your study progress, identify areas for improvement, and come back as often as you like. You’ll just need to create your own login once, and then use it each time you want to access the app. In addition, study materials are available at the Testing Center and the Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center.

Can I flag questions or change my answers?

No. Unlike on some other exams, once you select an answer and move to the next question, you cannot go back and change a previous answer. Because of this, it’s recommended that you take your time, check your answers and then carefully select each answer before moving on to the next question.

Will I be able to see my score when I’m done?

Yes, a score report is generated at the end of each test, but the numbers probably won’t mean much to you because scoring does not follow a standard 0-100 format. When you check out after testing, Testing Center staff will briefly outline your course placement options based on your score, and you’ll be given a paper score report for your reference. If you have further questions about specific course placement, you’re encouraged to speak to a CLC advisor or an advisor in your field of study.

What if I took the English Placement (APT) Test and didn’t do as well as I planned? Can I take the test again?

If you took the test and your score does not demonstrate College Reading and Writing Readiness (CRWR), it may be possible to take the test again. A CLC counselor/advisor will determine if you are eligible to retest. If so, the counselor/advisor will give you a written referral form, which is required for retesting. Eligible students are limited to one retest per 12 month period, and must wait at least 2 days (48 hours) before retesting.