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Tutoring FAQs

Q: My writing assignment is due and I'm pressed for time. Can I send in or drop off a copy of my paper to have a tutor make final edits for me?

A: No, you need to bring in your paper and work with a tutor. Going over a writing assignment to check grammar, syntax, punctuation, and spelling is part of the writing process and a learning experience that we expect students to participate in.

Q: I have to complete a take home math exam. Can I get help from a tutor?

A: Instructors usually designate take home exams and similar assignments as “no help”. That means tutors are not permitted to work with you on those exams. However, tutors can help you by reviewing general concepts and offering guidance as you work through similar material to prepare for an exam.

Q: I've booked an appointment with a writing tutor but can't make it. What should I do?

A: If you need to cancel, we'd appreciate a courtesy call. That way, we can reschedule your session and at the same time free up the slot for another student who may be waiting. Regardless, if you're more than 10 minutes late and we haven't heard from you, we'll cancel your appointment. You’ll need to make another.

Q: My instructor wants me to get tutoring to improve my grade. How can I confirm to my instructor that I worked with a tutor?

A: Ask your tutor for a certificate of attendance. The certificate will confirm the date and purpose of your visit, as well as the length of time that you worked with the tutor.

Q: I'm taking a CLC course that I don't see listed on the Tutoring website. Can I still get tutoring support?

A: Many certificate and technical courses at CLC include math-related material or a writing component, or both. Our tutors can help you in these areas. Contact any of our tutoring centers to confirm. If you have questions that we can’t answer, we’ll refer you to other college resources that can assist.

Q: I’m registered in the tracking system at the tutoring center at the campus where I take my classes. Do I need to register at the other tutoring centers if I want to use them?

A: No. You need to register only once. CLC’s three tutoring centers share the tracking system. When you register at any one center, you are automatically registered at the other two.

Q: I want to visit a tutoring center at a campus where I don't take classes. Where can I park?

A: Ample surface parking is available at Southlake and in designated student lots at Grayslake. At Lakeshore, you can park in the garage at 30 North Sheridan Road, but visiting students need a day pass. Stop by the campus reception desk at 33 North Genesee to get one. Parking at all campuses is free.

Q: In addition to taking classes, I'm looking for work. Can I get help with my resume?

A. Yes. Our writing tutors will be pleased to work with you. Drop in to any tutoring center or make an appointment. Please bring along a working draft of your resume.

Q: I'm hoping to transfer to another educational institution after I complete my courses at CLC. Can I get help with college and scholarship applications?

A. Yes. Our writing tutors will be pleased to work with you. Drop in to any tutoring center or make an appointment. Remember to bring along all your application materials.