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Math Modules

An Approach for Completing MTH101

You can complete MTH 101 (Elementary Concepts of Mathematics) by enrolling in a sequence of four 1-credit hour math modules. This approach is an alternative to taking MTH 101in a classroom and allows you to proceed at your own pace, working on course material both at home and in the Math Center. Math Modules works best for students who are self-motivated and able to study on their own.

How It Works

You establish a schedule with the Math Center staff to come in twice a week for a minimum of one hour each time. After signing in, you study at one of the tables in the Math Center, and tutors are available to help you.

At the end of each chapter in your course guide, you take a test on the material covered. To pass, you are required to get a score of at least 70 percent. If you score less than 70 percent, you must meet with a mathematics instructor who will help develop a strategy to improve before you re-test. You are allowed a maximum of two re-tests. Your grade in the module will be determined by the mean (average) of your passing chapter test scores. The possible grades in a module are A, B, C, F, W, or I (no D grade). Once you start, you must complete a module in the same semester. If you do not complete it, you will receive a grade of F unless you instructor determines that an incomplete is appropriate.