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Math Placement Test

You can meet the prerequisites for many math courses by achieving an acceptable score on the college’s Math Placement Test (the College Board Educational Testing Services ACCUPLACE R CPT). The test is used to place students in courses ranging from MTH 101 (Elementary Concepts of Mathematics) to MTH 145 (Calculus and Analytical Geometry I).

It is important to keep in mind that the placement test is not a measure of your talent for mathematics. Rather, it is a measure of your current level of knowledge.

Test Format

The test is in multiple-choice, non-timed format, delivered on a computer. The test is not timed, and you will be provided with scratch paper. Handheld calculators are not allowed, but the testing software provides a pop-up calculator for use on some questions. You should take your time in working through the test, checking your calculations and taking care in entering your answers. Once you enter an answer in the computer, you cannot change it.

The exam begins with a 12-question Basic Algebra section. You may then move to a 17-question Arithmetic Test or a 20-question Algebra/Trigonometry section. The computer generates a score internally and upon completion of the exam, you will be handed a paper that details the course(s) in which you may enroll, based on your scores.

Some math classes require that you be geometry proficient before enrolling. An advisor can help you check on your Geometry Proficiency status.

Rules for Taking the Test

  • You may take the test in one of the college’s Testing Centers or at other approved sites in Lake County. Testing Center Hours and Locations.
  • If you are Basic Algebra ready, you may take the Math Placement Test twice in a 12-month period. You must wait at least 48 hours before taking the test a second time.
  • If you are not Basic Algebra Ready, you may take the test once to demonstrate that you meet this requirement.

Preparing for the Test

We encourage students to review and prepare before taking the Math Placement Test.  Useful information and study aids are at these links: