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Tutoring in Math and Math-Related Courses

Who Can Benefit?

Math is an intriguing, and sometimes challenging, subject, and many students (even good students) get real benefit from tutoring assistance. If you are a “B” student in math, why not get a little extra help to become an “A” student? And if you’re struggling with math, it is even more important to contact the Math Center. Please don’t struggle alone!  We will help you work on the areas you don’t understand, and we’ll help you learn strategies that can make you more confident of your abilities to learn new math concepts. In addition to mathematics, the Math Center offers tutoring in chemistry, physics, biology, accounting, data processing and computer courses.

Tutoring is Free

If you are currently enrolled in one or more of our subject courses (math and the math-related courses listed above), you can get free one-on-one tutoring for those courses. Tutors are a combination of trained professionals and knowledgeable fellow students.

Online Help

Some math tutoring help is available online to students who are currently enrolled in CLC classes. To use this form of help, send your question through Math Center email. Include the following information with your email:

  • Your name
  • Your course and section number
  • Your student identification number

Note: Your request will not be processed without the above information.

The response you receive will be one of the following:

  • The answer to your question.
  • A request for clarification of your question.
  • A request to come to the Math Center for help because the question is too complex to be handled through email.

We will answer your question as quickly as possible within a 24-hour timeframe; however, students who come to the Math Center in person are given priority.

Self-Help Resources

To make your tutoring session as productive as possible, please review the Guidelines to Receiving Help in Mathematics and the Math Tutoring FAQs.