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Common Questions about Math Tutoring

Q: What kind of tutoring is offered?
A: Drop-in tutoring is available during posted Math Center hours. For Computer Information Technology courses, appointments are necessary. To check if a tutor is available for your subject need, or to schedule an appointment for a computer course, call (847) 543-2449.

Q: Are there time limits on the amount of tutoring offered?
A: To receive help, you may drop in any time during our posted Math Center hours. There are no constraints on the number of drop-in visits. However, during peak times, tutors may be busy and will assist every student in a fair manner as time allows.

Q: What do students who have used the Math Center say about it?
A: Here are some comments from students:

  • “I always receive the help I need.”
  • “I think the Math Center is one of CLC's best resources.”
  • “Keep encouraging students to use this avenue of service.”
  • “The Math Center can always help me with all my problems.”

Other Services

Study Skills Handouts for test-taking strategies, overcoming math anxiety and time management are available at Grayslake campus. If interested, come to Room L135 for a free copy.

All faculty are invited to schedule Math Center orientations for their classes. Each session is approximately 5-10 minutes and summarizes the services provided by the Math Center. Contact the Math Center to make arrangements.