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Common Questions About Tutoring in Writing

Q: What can the tutor help me on?
A: Come in at any stage of your writing process. For example, you may find it useful to come for help getting started with an assignment, for ideas on how to further expand/develop your essay or for help improving your grammar.

Q: Who uses the Writing Center?
A: Because all writers need readers, students of all ability levels use the center.

Q: Do I need an appointment?
A: No. You may drop in any time during our posted Writing Center hours. However, if you meet a tutor you especially like working with, you may want to schedule an appointment so you know you’ll get that tutor again. During our busy times, an appointment will also “save you a spot,” so you won’t have to wait for an available tutor. Contact the Writing Center to schedule an appointment.

Q: What do students who have used the Writing Center say about it?
A: Here are some comments from students:

  • “My tutor helped me see things that I was unable to see, such as simple spelling corrections or redundancy.” 
  • “She was very helpful and didn't make me feel stupid.” 
  • “My conference gave me some guidance on how to construct my paper.” 
  • “It is wonderful to know I can get help when I need it.”