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2016 Summer Credit Class Schedule

View a printable PDF listing of classes.

Summer 2016 Session


A three-week intersession is offered May 17 to June 3.

Summer session classes are offered over eight weeks: June 8 to July 30.

Why Attend

During the eight-week summer session, you can earn credits in fewer weeks than in the traditional 16-week semester. If you attend another college or university, you can make progress on general education requirements at far less cost. Read Benefits of Attending Summer Session.

How to Browse for Classes

You have several options to find classes. You can use our basic search, advanced search or view a printable PDF listing of classes.

How to Become a Student

You begin the process by submitting a Student Admission Form. After this, follow the steps described in become a student. (Students attending other colleges should follow the steps for “Summer Only Students.”)

Payment Deadlines

If you register on or before May 19, your tuition will be due on May 19. If you register on or after May 20,  your tuition will be due the next business day after enrollment. If you do not pay in full or set up a payment plan, you will be dropped from all classes. See a chart with payment deadlines.

How to Pay

You have several options to meet your payment responsibility–pay in full, set up an installment payment plan or obtain financial aid. If you are a financial aid applicant, you must set up a deferred payment plan, which only goes into effect if you do not qualify for financial aid or your aid does not cover your full tuition. If you use the payment plan or deferred payment plan, you must set up a new plan each term. Read more about payment options.