Summer 2014 Session

Powerful Savings on College Costs

If you're like most students, your money never seems to go far enough. That's why it's so important to stretch your dollars. Attending CLC's Summer Session is a great way to do that.

Think about it this way

CLC offers the same general education courses as the school you attend during the regular school year. But CLC's current in-district tuition and fees are just $112 a credit hour—far less than the state public university average of $432.

By attending CLC's Intersession and Summer Session this year and next, you can earn up to 18 credits—more than a whole semester. That's potentially $5,600 more in your pocket, for a car, clothes, savings, whatever.*

Here's a sample plan for how you can earn up to 18 credits and save:

Summer 2014

Intersession runs May 20-June 6;
Summer Session, June 9-August 2.

English Composition

Summer 2015

Intersession runs May 19-June 5;
Summer Session, June 8-August 1.


CLC Cost Savings: $5,643

Earn 3 Credits in 3 Weeks!
Intersession, May 20 - June 6, 2014

These courses are offered in an intense format, between spring semester and summer session. This allows students to complete up to three credits in three weeks.

View the Intersession Classes (PDF)

Transferring Credits Is Easy!
Summer Session, June 9 - August 2, 2014

Enroll at CLC this summer and return to your home campus with valuable transfer credits!

View the Summer Preview Schedule (PDF)

At the end of the summer, be sure to request your CLC transcript to be sent back to your home institution.

Other Benefits of Attending CLC

It's not just about the money. Attending CLC is also about getting a very good education. Consider these benefits:

Enjoy small classes. Forget about large lecture halls for the summer. CLC classes are small—the average class size is just 21 students, and instructors are regularly available in their offices as well as class to help you.

Make progress on your “gen ed” requirements. We offer the same general education courses as the college you're attending. And we offer a lot of them—biology, chemistry, calculus, psychology, sociology, history?you get the idea.

Take demanding courses with our experienced, caring instructors. A lot of students enjoy taking courses like calculus and chemistry at CLC. You'll have instructors—not graduate students—and your classes will be small.

Fit school into your summer. Day, evening, weekend or online, at our Grayslake, Vernon Hills or Waukegan locations, our courses are offered to give students options so they can fit work, fun and school into their summer plans. You'll even have a choice of course lengths—three, six, seven and eight week options.

*Tuition and fee savings based on the difference between 18 credit hours at an Illinois public university and 18 hours at CLC. The university tuition and fee rate is based on the average for 12 universities for 2014; the CLC rate is based on the current in-district rate and the proposed rate for the 2014-15 academic year.

How to Get Started at CLC

Registration begins April 28, 2014

Attending a 4-year School?
How to Get Started at CLC

Transfer Information

Though CLC courses are transfer friendly, you should check out your planned schedule with the college or university you’ll attend in the fall to ensure that the courses you select meet your institution’s requirements.

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