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What Students Say About CLC

Read our student blogs for first-hand insights about what it’s like to be a student at the College of Lake County.

What is it like to attend the College of Lake County? The best way to know is through what our students and graduates say. Read the first-hand accounts of students of different ages and backgrounds.

Alexa Laird, 2014 graduate, transferred to the University of Wisconsin-Parkside; plans to go to graduate school in psychology.

Aaron Spivey, majoring in biology and secondary education; men’s cross country team member.

Bridget Bell, 2008 graduate, went on to earn M.A. at De Paul University.

Cindy Osorio, international student.

Fanni Lakatos, transferred to Purdue University, to study biochemistry.

Hannah Woods, 2013 graduate, transferred to Purdue University to study chemical engineering.

Itzel Hernandez, transferred to National Louis University in 2014.

Jessica Atchison, 2013 graduate; graduated from Lake Forest College in 2015.

Joanne Gerlach, returning adult student in horticulture.

Kedric Mabon, earned GED in 2008, now working on an A.A. in music.

Keith Berman, 2013 graduate, transferred to the University of Illinois to major in psychology.

Kendall Welton, 2014 graduate, transferring to Concordia University in Wisconsin to major in nursing.

Lydia Wells, 2013 graduate; graduated from Lake Forest College, 2015; currently an English instructor at Lake Forest Academy.

Madalina Roscan-Guzman, mother of four; 2013 CLC graduate who transferred to Lake Forest College.

Marcelo Vega, 2014 graduate, A.A. psychology, certificate in wellness coaching.

Mary Tsakadze, Student Ambassador; member of women’s tennis team.

Melissa Mara, current student who participated in overseas field study trip to Peru.

Rose Anne DeLeon, 2007 graduate; earned bachelor’s degree in communication from Northeastern Illinois University; now a copy editor.

Sally E. Fleissner, 2013 graduate, now a paralegal.

Sara Obenchain, 2012 graduate, transferred to Northern Illinois University to major in business.

Shahram Raoff, transferred to the University of Illinois-Chicago to major in biology; accepted to dental school at the University of Pennsylvania.

Stephen Cartwright, 2011 graduate; earned a bachelor’s degree in business management and is studying for a master’s degree in divinity at Trinity International University, where he also serves as assistant residence director.