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Degree or certificate program: Majoring in biochemistry

Hometown: Lives in Lake Villa; immigrated to U.S. from Hungary as a teenager. Attended Vernon Hills High School for two years before enrolling at CLC.

Transfer school:At Purdue University she will major in in biochemistry and minor in forensic science.

Interests and hobbies: Travel, movies, music, dancing and playing volleyball. I go back to Hungary every year to visit my family.

Fanni Lakatos

In high school, no one else spoke my language. I love to talk so I needed to learn English fast!

At CLC, I rediscovered my love of chemistry. I took chemistry in the ninth grade in Hungary. At CLC I took Chemistry I, and it made me realize how much I like chemistry. I had Dr. Bruce Moy, and he was always really positive and willing to help no matter what. You can tell he loves chemistry and he loves to teach, so it was easy to go to his class and learn from him.

I work at the Southlake and Grayslake campuses as a Student Ambassador and have been doing that for two years. It was a good experience for me to move out of my comfort zone and open up to others. At New Student Orientations I get to show the campus to new students and talk about all the possibilities at CLC.

I’m also involved in the Criminal Justice Club. I’m also an officer in the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and I’m involved in the Engineering Club, where we worked on many interesting projects like making robots and a weather balloon. I’ve made a lot of friends there, so it’s like hanging out.

I want to work in a crime lab for some big agency like the FBI. I will have to get a master’s in biochemistry and maybe one in forensic science.

I liked the diversity in my classes because I got to hear the opinions of those who were older. Especially in humanities classes, it’s interesting how conversation goes when we’re debating and sharing thoughts.

A lot of students don’t realize how good CLC is until they get here. In high school, a lot of kids are focused on going away to school and they don’t appreciate a community college. When I came here, I learned how great the experience can be if you put effort into your school work.