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CLC Top Ten Facts

Think You Know CLC? Take Another Look

The College of Lake County has been an integral resource for nearly 50 years, helping thousands of Lake County residents to realize their dreams of a better life or a new career. But did you know that CLC has achieved excellence and stands out in several ways? From a unique firefighting internship with a local fire department to robust programs that have educated thousands of healthcare professionals critical to the local workforce, CLC is truly extraordinary. This page will list Ten Extraordinary Facts about CLC that you may not know. Watch as our list grows each month, and share these with your friends and neighbors!

Fact #4

Student Trustee Hansel Lopez and Board Chair Richard A. Anderson chat in Café Willow

Student Trustee Hansel Lopez and Board Chair Richard A. Anderson chat in Café Willow, one of the student areas improved, thanks to our strong bond rating.

Our Aaa Bond Rating Means You'll Get a Better Education

You may not think that mundane things such as bond ratings and/or financial standings would have much of an impact on our students and their education, but they do. As one of only a handful of community colleges in the nation with a Aaa rating, we are able to invest heavily in our infrastructure, technology and the overall student experience. Just ask Student Trustee Hansel Lopez. When he gets together with Board Chair Richard A. Anderson, they enjoy the latest renovations to one of our many student spaces. And everyone is going to be impressed with the new state-of-the-art Science and Engineering building opening this Spring Semester. Thanks to CLC’s prudent financial stewardship, we are assured to continue providing students a great education in a modern and updated setting, now and well into the future.

Learn more about our Aaa bond rating and how it paves the way for campus improvements.

Fact #3


Instructor Jill Bruellman catching up with former student Violeta Ramirez, who is studying at Ajou University, South Korea, this year.

We're the Local College with a Global Reach

With over 1,200 students from 50 countries who have studied at CLC over nearly two decades, it is easy to see that diversity is one of our core values. Not only do we enjoy welcoming students from around the world, we offer a robust international education program as well. You may be surprised to learn that nearly 700 CLC students have studied abroad in China, Peru, Italy, the UK and Cuba, to name a few. Just ask Violeta Ramirez about her Japanese academic experience led by instructor Jill Bruellman. She’ll tell you all about the positive impacts it had on her life and career. It’s world connections like this that allow our students to grow and become global citizens on our campus and in their travels abroad.

Meet Violeta Ramirez.

Learn more about the Center For International Education at CLC.

Fact #2

top10 healthcare

Sandy Beta, nurse practitioner at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® at Midwestern Regional Medical Center, with long-time instructor Dr. Carmella Mikol.

16,000 Students Have Earned Degrees or Certificates in Healthcare

You may already know we have an excellent nursing program here at CLC, but did you know we have graduated more than 3,500 RNs? In fact, if you need a nurse, an EMT or assistance from any healthcare professional within Lake County, chances are good you’ll be treated by CLC alumni. Just ask Sandy Beta, a nurse practitioner at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® at Midwestern Regional Medical Center and a CLC graduate. She excels at her position thanks to the patience, empathy and the extraordinary education provided to her by Dr. Carmella Mikol and the rest of the talented CLC instructors and staff.

Meet Sandy and Dr. Mikol.

Learn more about the healthcare programs at CLC.

Fact #1


Long-time instructor Randy Justus with student Natalee Algozino at the Grayslake Fire Station on the campus of College of Lake County.

Our Firefighter Basic Operations Associate Program Is One of a Kind

CLC is the only school in Illinois where firefighter students actually work as interns, gaining real-world
experience. Students work with the Grayslake Fire Protection District’s three firehouses, one of which is on our CLC campus.

Meet Natalee Algozino, currently enrolled in our Fire Science Technology program, and learn more about her experience in this extraordinary program.